Storm Damage Repair

Did a Storm Wreck Your Home?

Storm Damage Roof Repair

In North Texas, wild weather regularly happens. If your home was damaged, reach out to A-Sharp Contracting to schedule storm damage roof repair. Our crew to get your roof back in great condition. If you don’t have damage, please contact us today. We will be here for all your home repair needs.

Storm Damage Repair Services

When You Need Emergency Roof Repair

When do you need emergency roof repair service? Outside of the obvious signs of storm damage, other signs can include:

Damaged or missing shingles
Excessive shingle granules in your gutters
Wet spots appearing on your ceilings or walls

What about the things you can’t see? There are many things that can go wrong that you need a roofer to look for. They include:

Damaged Roof Vents

Loose Flashing

Vent cap cracked or dented

Problem Areas

If you experience a severe storm, contact us today to check signs of storm damage that are not apparent to the eye. If we catch these issues early, there can be fewer problems in the future.

Insurance Claim Assistance Available

A-Sharp Contracting has insurance claim specialist who can assist you with an insurance claim. Through our years of experience, we know exactly what to do to make your claim process easier.

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